Saturday, March 15, 2008

F1 rule changes for 2008 season

The major rule changes include a ban on traction control (TC) and the use of a standard Electronic Control Unit (ECU) on all cars. Until last season the success of a start depended largely on the Traction control (which prevents wheelspin) than on driver's ability but the rule change will even things out.

The other changes are:

Tyres: Bridgestone is the official supplier. Each driver has 14 sets of tyres over each race weekend- seven for dry-weather, four wet, and three sets for extreme weather.

Engines: Must last for two consecutive Grand Prix. If engine is changed before qualifying a 10 place grid peenalty is awarded. If engine is changed after qualifying, the driver must start from the back of the grid.

Gearboxes: To last four consecutive Grand Prix, five place grid penalty for gear box change. If a driver does not finish a race he can change the gearbox for the next race without receiving a penalty.

Control electronics: All cars to use Electronic Control Unit (ECU) supplied by McLaren Electronic Systems and Microsoft.

ECU must control all components of engine and gearbox, including clutch, differential and all associated actuators.


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